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Forums: ImageCFC Forum: All gray images upon resize
Created on: 03/09/10 {ts '2018-12-15 11:15:00'} Views: 6723 Replies: 1
All gray images upon resize
Posted Tuesday, March 9, 2010 at {ts '2018-12-15 11:15:00'}

I've been using your CFC for quite some time now without any real issues. In the past few weeks, something has changed and now some uploaded JPGs will turn into gray boxes upon resizing. I've tried converting all jpgs to jpgs first and that didn't help. I am doing a cfimage convert to jpg before I resize and that will keep the gray box from appearing. One of my test jpgs will turn pink and green though. It's nearly a 3MB image, RGB, 72 dpi so I'm not sure what the issue is. I haven't changed code and all my test & prod servers are having this issue so it's like maybe it's an update to some other software. Could a recent Java update be causing this? Maybe a Windows Server update? I'm running v. 2.19 of your code and tried v. 2.2 but it didn't help.

The image I have attached will resize to a gray box unless I use cfimage to convert it to jpg first. Of course, it's already a standard jpg so I'm really stumped.

RE: All gray images upon resize
Posted Monday, March 15, 2010 at {ts '2018-12-15 10:31:00'}

I think I hear crickets. Bueller?

Also, I'm running CF 8.1 on JDK 1.16. No suggestions?


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